Malcolm Dalglish Discography

Malcolm Dalglish & Grey Larsen

Banish Misfortune CD 1977 June Appal JA-0016D
The First of Autumn LP 1978 June Appal JA-0026
Thunderhead CD 1982 Flying Fish FF-70266

Metamora (Malcolm Dalglish, Grey Larsen & Pete Sutherland)

Root Crops and Ground Cover Cassette 1984 Tarquel Music (no #)
Metamora CD 1985 Sugar Hill SH-CD-1131
The Great Road CD 1987 Sugar Hill SH-CD-1134
Morning Walk CD 1988 Windham Hill WD-1068

Malcolm Dalglish

Jogging the Memory CD 1986 Windham Hill WD-1046
Hymnody of Earth: A Celebration of Songs for Choir, Hammer Dulcimer & Percussion CD 1990 Music Masters 7058-2-C
Pleasure CD 1997 Ooolitic Music OM 1111
Hymnody of Earth (Revised) CD 1997 Ooolitic Music OM 1112
Ooodoo - The Music of Malcolm Dalglish CD 2007 Ooolitic Music OM 1113

Slats Klug & Stephen Miller

Liars’ Bench: Musical Portraits of Brown County CD 1997 Ghosts of Brown County Productions GBC 1111

Grey Larsen

The Gathering CD 1986 Sugar Hill SH-CD-1133

Debby McClatchy

Off to California LP 1981 Wildebeest WB006

John McCutcheon

Step by Step: Hammer Dulcimer Duos, Trios, and Quartets CD 1987 Rounder CD-0216

The St. Olaf Choir

O Yule Full of Gladness:
Songs of Christmas from Around the World
CD 1993 St. Olaf Records E-1993

Claudia Schmidt

Midwestern Heart CD 1981 Flying Fish FF-70241

Pete Sutherland

Mountain Hornpipe CD 1989 Epact Music EPACT 100-2

Various Artists (Live & Soundtracks)

Snow on the Roof, Fire in the Furnace:
Cincinnati Area Traditional Musicians
LP 1979 June Appal 36142

(recorded by Malcolm Dalglish & Grey Larson)

Great Acoustics LP 1985 Philo Records PHIL-1101
The Shape of the Land CD 1986 Windham Hill WD-1055
A Winter’s Solstice CD 1986 Windham Hill WH-1045
The Story of Naomi Uemura LP 1986 Windham Hill WHP-24081
A Winter’s Solstice II CD 1988 Windham Hill WD-1077
In Search of Angels CD 1994 Windham Hill 01934 11153-2



Malcolm Dalglish

Hymnody of Earth(Revised) video 1993 KET Enterprise
The Selchie and the Fisherman video 1997 Live Multimedia, Inc.


Tuck Everlasting video 1981 Live Home Video
The Story of Naomi Uemura TV film 1986  
Raising Crane video 1988 Ooteck Productions
A Souk Family Almanac video 1989 Ooteck Productions
In Search of Angels video 1994 Perpetual Eucharistic

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