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Into The Sky
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Ooolitic Music OM 1113 (2007)
Ooodoo CD
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Malcolm Dalglish
Moira Smiley
Joshua Kartes
Naomi Dalglish
Special Guest
N.Scott Robinson

Ooodoo is a vocal band
born from the larger ensemble, the Ooolites.
This recording follows in the footsteps of the Ooolites’ earlier recordings,
Hymnody of Earth and Pleasure. Ooodoo is also the musical staff at Ooolation
Outdoor Singing Camps where these songs have been transformed in the trees,
shouted from mountaintops, and sung out under the stars.

"If the spheres could sing, here is how they would sound. These elegant, jubilant hymns of praise carry us into the sky with birds and moon and stars, into the waters and woods and fields with every breathing thing. The voices of Ooodoo, a miracle of harmony, remind us what breath is for. Listen and rejoice."
Scott Russell Sanders

Songs of Malcolm Dalglish

1. Walking in the Cradle of Our Land
2. You There In The Stars
3. Into the Sky
4. The Brink
5. Hashem Shekhinah
6. Handlebar of Wings
7. Woods / Field of Wings
8. Here I Carry You
9. Broken Ground
10. Into and Among You
11. Dappled Things
12. Streams of Living Praise
13. Under Heaven Under the Sun
14. Peace of Wild Things


Produced by Malcolm Dalglish and Dave Weber

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