Ooolitic Music Presents
Hymnody of Earth
CD and Cass
Musical Heritage Society (1991)
Hymnody of Earth
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An early version of the song cycle as it was originally conceived for:

Malcolm Dalglish Hammer dulcimer and voice
Glen Velez Frame drums and shakers
The American Boychoir James Litton, conductor

Featuring poetry by Wendell Berry

Listen to some samples from the album

TRACK 1 Psalm of Solstice
TRACK 2 The Dark Around Us
TRACK 3 Over the River
TRACK 4 Harmony of Earth
TRACK 5 Throw the Window Open
TRACK 6 Finches
TRACK 7 Thrush Song
TRACK 8 Window Tree
TRACK 9 For the Future
TRACK 10 Great Trees
TRACK 11 Walking at Night
TRACK 12 Come Life Shaker Life
TRACK 13 To the Holy Spirit
TRACK 14 Hunger and Thirst
TRACK 15 Shake These Bones
TRACK 16 St. Basil's Hymn
TRACK 17 How Long Watchman
TRACK 18 Lay Me Low
TRACK 19 Paradise  

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